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How to Thatch a Palm Frond Roof

A thatched roof can last ten or more years before needing any type of maintenance or repairs. They are durable, waterproof, and “green”.

This thatching technique uses long fronds in great condition without any signs of decay, fungus, or insects. Most of the reputable roofing contractors recommended using freshly cut palms as they are a lot easier to work with and the longer they sit around the more likely they are to acquire insects.

The fronds need to be split down the spine. Start the split on the large end of the spine with a machete or large knife. A metal pole pounded into the ground can help split long fronds down to the end. Place all right side fronds in one pile and all left-hand palms in another pile.

The thatching will be tied to the roof using smaller rope or twine (a natural color looks best) two half fronds at a time. Start at the bottom of your roofline. Fronds are placed using two same halved fronds with the spines alongside each other. The fronds are placed correct side up and the spines running horizontally. The first set of fronds should be at a bottom corner with the weaker ends hanging off the end of your house.

Tie the fronds every few feet to the supporting poles on your roof. Next, continue using frond halves like the first pair along the entire length of the bottom of the roof overlapping the weaker ends onto the start of the next set.

The next row will be using the other halves of the fronds from the ones you used on the first row. In other words, the leaves will now be traveling diagonal down and left from the spines instead of diagonally down and right.

Continue adding two fronds at a time, alternating halves of the fronds. When you are inside your house looking at the roof you will see only the spines of the fronds running horizontally.

Several types of roof caps can be made, some involve one half of the roof being thatched diagonally up beyond the center line of the roof. Another way is to lay several woven mats down and tie them onto the roof. Many layers should be made at the very top, whereas there is only one spine deep anywhere else on the roof.

After you are finished thatching your entire roof you can go back and trim around the top of the doorway, windows, or at the roof ends. This is not necessary but gives the roof a tidier look. It is good to have several feet of overhang with these roofs. Note that all palm fronds are placed correct side up on the roof (as they are on the trees).

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Finer Details for the best Garage Door Installation

Bent doors, squeaky hinges, cumbersome door opening – lack of advice and mistakes in DIY installation of your garage door spoil the joy of the new gate quickly and are in the worst case the cause of serious accidents. If you want to have your gate installed in a short time and not an accomplished handyman, should rely on professionals.

The Specialists in Training

Trained specialists are familiar with the various types of garage doors , offer good advice and professionally install all the components of the door. This ensures that you get the right gate to suit your needs and that all the functions, such as the particularly important automatic shutdown, work properly. This ensures that the door stops in contact with an obstacle in no time and releases it again to avoid injury. For the Garage door installation this is a very important matter.

The professional installation also guarantees the warranty. Certified professionals who routinely handle the installation of the garage door are a good investment. A specialist partner in your area can be found in our dealer search . You are not convinced yet? Then read our 5 reasons that usually speak against the garage door installation on your own.

1. Remove the old garage door in case of renovation

Before the new garage door can be installed, the old door usually has to be removed. Caution is here, however, offered when expanding the gate. For example, if you change from a swing to a sectional door, you must also remove the wall and ceiling mounting so that the new components of the garage door can be attached. Depending on how the door is attached, the frame must then be lifted out of the masonry.

2. Measure the door opening

Accuracy in measuring is required for the gate to fit into the garage opening. In some cases, inclines have to be taken into account or the ceiling height of the garage is not enough to simply install a new door. Older garages often have special dimensions that must be taken into account and require special solutions. Another problem with measuring can be the wrong measure of the frame position. Once the frame is installed incorrectly, the garage door opens clumsily, makes noises when opening and closing or does not open at all. So that you do not have to worry about the right dimensions, trade partners take over the oversize. With this you can be sure to get the right garage door for your needs, which fits optimally into the garage opening during installation.

Measure the garage door opening

Illustration: The correct oversize is crucial for the accuracy of fit and the perfect functioning of the new door.

3. Find the right material for wall mounting

Before the garage door can be mounted, the correct screws, dowels and tools such as drills must be selected to match the wall type. Here it depends on whether the wall is made of concrete, for example, or whether it is made of steel. Since garage doors generate high tensile and compressive forces when opened or closed, it is particularly important that the guide rails be secured to the wall with the appropriate material.

4. Mount accessories such as automatic drives

Automatic drives are indispensable in today’s garage doors. In order for these to have space on the ceiling of the garage and form a unit with the gate, drives should be considered directly in the planning. Specialist partners can best judge which drives are suitable for which door.

The air conditioner leaking water causes a lot of hassle and damages

Treating the problem properly can improve the efficiency of your device and extend its life. Keep reading and you will find out the possible causes of the problem and how you can solve it so that the problem does not come back. It is likely that you are very upset to see your air conditioner leaking water all the time. Maybe he’s wetting your bedroom wall and damaging the paint, or leaving that spot you’ll have to fix.

You may be worried because the water can reach your furniture and damage them

You may need to put a bucket to prevent it from getting wet on the floor, or stand on alert for water not to overflow and wet everything. You are disappointed because you did not expect to face so much trouble after choosing and installing the ideal air conditioner for your environment. When you purchased your appliance, you sought comfort, convenience and relief while in an air conditioned environment, but never imagined that you would see your air conditioning leaking water into the house. In order to know more about Air conditioning repairs Geelong, and contact them you can always seek online help.

Why is my air conditioner leaking water?

The drip ping of air conditioners can have different origins. Let us show below the different reasons that may be taking your air conditioner out of window, or split air conditioning be leaking water inside.

Poor installation

If your split device has recently been installed and already has a water leak, it is most likely due to a failure in the installation service.

Clogged or burned drain pump

When you cannot place a nearby drain point, a drain pump is used. However it is necessary to clean and maintain these pumps regularly.

Dirt on appliance

The biggest cause of water leakage from air appliances is the lack of cleaning. The accumulation of dirt inside the appliance and the condensate tray prevents water from flowing into the drainage system.

Other causes not so common

There are also other possibilities such as sudden changes in temperature, deregulated appliances and so on. A qualified technician can help you identify and solve the problem.

How to solve the problem of air conditioning leakage?

If your device has been recently installed, it may be a failed installation. Please contact the person who did the installation to request the repair. If the appliance has been used for more than three years and has started to drip suddenly, it is necessary to clean the drainage system and the appliance. But the best way to identify and solve the problem is to seek a maintenance service to repair the defect, and schedule a visit from a technician who will guide in solving the problem and how it should be avoided. If you have an air conditioner leaking water from the front or at another point, you now know what the reason may be and make the necessary arrangements.

The geographical aspects of the north American state of Canada

The North American state of Canada is the second largest state in the world with an area of ​​almost ten million square kilometers. With only about 36 million inhabitants, however, it is sparsely populated on one square kilometer account for just 3.6 inhabitants. The reason 70 percent of Canada is covered by pristine natural landscapes. High mountain peaks, vast lake landscapes and dense forests permeate the country. The population of Canada is therefore spread over the cities and on a 350 km wide strip along the US borders. In order to get more information you may always check out love my toronto home.

What is the real estate market in Canada like?

Especially in the metropolitan areas of Canada, the real estate market is particularly varied. In major cities such as Vancouver and Toronto, prospective buyers will find exclusive luxury real estate. Attractive single family homes characterize the offer in the province of Alberta, while in the northern regions and mainly simple country houses with large scale plots of land are represented. Who wants to buy a property in Canada, therefore, easily finds the right property according to his needs. In the booming provinces such as Alberta, British Columbia or Ontario, real estate is a promising investment object. Real estate prices are still at a relatively low level, so real bargains can be found especially in rural areas. In the cities, however, prices are rising significantly due to foreign investors   so homebuyers should not hesitate too long. The “Mercer Report” proves that the investment is worthwhile, for example in Vancouver. In terms of quality of life, the city ranks fifth in a global comparison.

What real estate prices can be expected in Canada?

As varied as the real estate market itself, prices are also shaping up. The highest prices per square meter are achieved in the cities of Vancouver and Toronto, where 8,000 euros per square meter are not uncommon for a condominium. In rural areas, such as in the province of Nova Scotia, nature lovers will find what they are looking for. Cottages in the classic log construction on the shores of a lake or on the coast cost depending on the equipment, floor space and size of the land around 1,500 euros per square meter. In addition, Canada holds real estate highlights ready interested parties can not only purchase huge land areas, but even whole islands with or without development. The dream of a quiet holiday home in nature can be fulfilled in a very special way.

Which real estate types are there in Canada?

While skyscrapers dominate architecture in Canada’s metropolises, houses in the suburbs and cities are represented by lightweight construction. These are not to be compared with the standard for European standards solid construction. Typical of Canada and especially popular as a holiday home are the traditional wooden log cabins. Log cabin or log cabin an idyllic wooden house right on the lake is a dream that can actually be fulfilled in Canada. In rural areas, those interested can buy such a home in Canada and enjoy the tranquility of nature on their own property. The Canadians who live in cities often have such a holiday home outside the city themselves. However, buyers should thoroughly check the condition of the property beforehand, since log cabins without regular care will quickly damage the wood.
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