Finer Details for the best Garage Door Installation

Bent doors, squeaky hinges, cumbersome door opening – lack of advice and mistakes in DIY installation of your garage door spoil the joy of the new gate quickly and are in the worst case the cause of serious accidents. If you want to have your gate installed in a short time and not an accomplished handyman, should rely on professionals.

The Specialists in Training

Trained specialists are familiar with the various types of garage doors , offer good advice and professionally install all the components of the door. This ensures that you get the right gate to suit your needs and that all the functions, such as the particularly important automatic shutdown, work properly. This ensures that the door stops in contact with an obstacle in no time and releases it again to avoid injury. For the Garage door installation this is a very important matter.

The professional installation also guarantees the warranty. Certified professionals who routinely handle the installation of the garage door are a good investment. A specialist partner in your area can be found in our dealer search . You are not convinced yet? Then read our 5 reasons that usually speak against the garage door installation on your own.

1. Remove the old garage door in case of renovation

Before the new garage door can be installed, the old door usually has to be removed. Caution is here, however, offered when expanding the gate. For example, if you change from a swing to a sectional door, you must also remove the wall and ceiling mounting so that the new components of the garage door can be attached. Depending on how the door is attached, the frame must then be lifted out of the masonry.

2. Measure the door opening

Accuracy in measuring is required for the gate to fit into the garage opening. In some cases, inclines have to be taken into account or the ceiling height of the garage is not enough to simply install a new door. Older garages often have special dimensions that must be taken into account and require special solutions. Another problem with measuring can be the wrong measure of the frame position. Once the frame is installed incorrectly, the garage door opens clumsily, makes noises when opening and closing or does not open at all. So that you do not have to worry about the right dimensions, trade partners take over the oversize. With this you can be sure to get the right garage door for your needs, which fits optimally into the garage opening during installation.

Measure the garage door opening

Illustration: The correct oversize is crucial for the accuracy of fit and the perfect functioning of the new door.

3. Find the right material for wall mounting

Before the garage door can be mounted, the correct screws, dowels and tools such as drills must be selected to match the wall type. Here it depends on whether the wall is made of concrete, for example, or whether it is made of steel. Since garage doors generate high tensile and compressive forces when opened or closed, it is particularly important that the guide rails be secured to the wall with the appropriate material.

4. Mount accessories such as automatic drives

Automatic drives are indispensable in today’s garage doors. In order for these to have space on the ceiling of the garage and form a unit with the gate, drives should be considered directly in the planning. Specialist partners can best judge which drives are suitable for which door.

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