The air conditioner leaking water causes a lot of hassle and damages

Treating the problem properly can improve the efficiency of your device and extend its life. Keep reading and you will find out the possible causes of the problem and how you can solve it so that the problem does not come back. It is likely that you are very upset to see your air conditioner leaking water all the time. Maybe he’s wetting your bedroom wall and damaging the paint, or leaving that spot you’ll have to fix.

You may be worried because the water can reach your furniture and damage them

You may need to put a bucket to prevent it from getting wet on the floor, or stand on alert for water not to overflow and wet everything. You are disappointed because you did not expect to face so much trouble after choosing and installing the ideal air conditioner for your environment. When you purchased your appliance, you sought comfort, convenience and relief while in an air conditioned environment, but never imagined that you would see your air conditioning leaking water into the house. In order to know more about Air conditioning repairs Geelong, and contact them you can always seek online help.

Why is my air conditioner leaking water?

The drip ping of air conditioners can have different origins. Let us show below the different reasons that may be taking your air conditioner out of window, or split air conditioning be leaking water inside.

Poor installation

If your split device has recently been installed and already has a water leak, it is most likely due to a failure in the installation service.

Clogged or burned drain pump

When you cannot place a nearby drain point, a drain pump is used. However it is necessary to clean and maintain these pumps regularly.

Dirt on appliance

The biggest cause of water leakage from air appliances is the lack of cleaning. The accumulation of dirt inside the appliance and the condensate tray prevents water from flowing into the drainage system.

Other causes not so common

There are also other possibilities such as sudden changes in temperature, deregulated appliances and so on. A qualified technician can help you identify and solve the problem.

How to solve the problem of air conditioning leakage?

If your device has been recently installed, it may be a failed installation. Please contact the person who did the installation to request the repair. If the appliance has been used for more than three years and has started to drip suddenly, it is necessary to clean the drainage system and the appliance. But the best way to identify and solve the problem is to seek a maintenance service to repair the defect, and schedule a visit from a technician who will guide in solving the problem and how it should be avoided. If you have an air conditioner leaking water from the front or at another point, you now know what the reason may be and make the necessary arrangements.

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