The geographical aspects of the north American state of Canada

The North American state of Canada is the second largest state in the world with an area of ​​almost ten million square kilometers. With only about 36 million inhabitants, however, it is sparsely populated on one square kilometer account for just 3.6 inhabitants. The reason 70 percent of Canada is covered by pristine natural landscapes. High mountain peaks, vast lake landscapes and dense forests permeate the country. The population of Canada is therefore spread over the cities and on a 350 km wide strip along the US borders. In order to get more information you may always check out love my toronto home.

What is the real estate market in Canada like?

Especially in the metropolitan areas of Canada, the real estate market is particularly varied. In major cities such as Vancouver and Toronto, prospective buyers will find exclusive luxury real estate. Attractive single family homes characterize the offer in the province of Alberta, while in the northern regions and mainly simple country houses with large scale plots of land are represented. Who wants to buy a property in Canada, therefore, easily finds the right property according to his needs. In the booming provinces such as Alberta, British Columbia or Ontario, real estate is a promising investment object. Real estate prices are still at a relatively low level, so real bargains can be found especially in rural areas. In the cities, however, prices are rising significantly due to foreign investors   so homebuyers should not hesitate too long. The “Mercer Report” proves that the investment is worthwhile, for example in Vancouver. In terms of quality of life, the city ranks fifth in a global comparison.

What real estate prices can be expected in Canada?

As varied as the real estate market itself, prices are also shaping up. The highest prices per square meter are achieved in the cities of Vancouver and Toronto, where 8,000 euros per square meter are not uncommon for a condominium. In rural areas, such as in the province of Nova Scotia, nature lovers will find what they are looking for. Cottages in the classic log construction on the shores of a lake or on the coast cost depending on the equipment, floor space and size of the land around 1,500 euros per square meter. In addition, Canada holds real estate highlights ready interested parties can not only purchase huge land areas, but even whole islands with or without development. The dream of a quiet holiday home in nature can be fulfilled in a very special way.

Which real estate types are there in Canada?

While skyscrapers dominate architecture in Canada’s metropolises, houses in the suburbs and cities are represented by lightweight construction. These are not to be compared with the standard for European standards solid construction. Typical of Canada and especially popular as a holiday home are the traditional wooden log cabins. Log cabin or log cabin an idyllic wooden house right on the lake is a dream that can actually be fulfilled in Canada. In rural areas, those interested can buy such a home in Canada and enjoy the tranquility of nature on their own property. The Canadians who live in cities often have such a holiday home outside the city themselves. However, buyers should thoroughly check the condition of the property beforehand, since log cabins without regular care will quickly damage the wood.
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